You won't believe how this couple does yoga together!

L.A. based Equinox yoga instructor, Briohny Smyth, blew up the internet with her latest edition of incredible (and steamy!) yoga arm balances in “The Contortionist.” In this video, “The Balancing Act,” Smyth practices partner yoga with her husband, Dice lida-Klein, (check out his insane yoga on a paddleboard). Quick warning: This is easily one of the most beautiful, entrancing, and, um, “intimate” three-and-a-half minutes of yoga ever. That intimacy actually made the crew on set, at times, feel like they should up and leave the room. How do we even get into this kind of yoga? The acrobatic duo says it took a lot of trust and communication to pull off the stunning strength success. Of course, they’re also both yoga instructors.

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