10 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga Right Now

If you’ve ever met anyone who does yoga, they’ll likely tell you that you should give it a try yourself. They know that once you’ve gone to a few classes you’ll be just as addicted to yoga as they are. If you’re currently wondering whether or not you should start doing yoga, we definitely think you should. In fact, here are 10 reasons to start doing yoga right now:

It’s a full body workout – Yoga can push you physically in more ways than the average workout can. While it’s not typically intended to be a physical exercise but rather a mental one, people who practice yoga, over time, master the ability to hold their body up in unique poses. You’ll find that many yogi are some of the strongest people you’ll ever meet – mentally and physically. There’s no challenge that someone who practices yoga is afraid to take on. They know that with regular dedication the possibilities are endless. You’ll be left in awe in your first yoga class as some of your peers will be so athletic and flexible. You’ll never feel more inspired than a room full of people who started out like you and developed a strength that most people dream of.

It connects the body and mind – The best part about yoga is that it connects the body with the mind at the same time. There are few enjoyable activities that achieve this well. The first few moments of a yoga class are focused on breathing. Most people have never fully experienced their breathing like yogis have. When attending your first yoga class, you’ll likely be amazed at how you breathe or the fact that you’re alive. You’ll realize, as soon as your first class, how well your body works together without you ever really noticing it. We spend so much time working at jobs or studying for exams that we fail to recognize the brilliance of our bodies and how fortunate we are to be alive. Yoga keeps you grounded and humble through meditation. It also allows you to push boundaries you never realized were possible.

It can help manage stress levels – According to one study, long-term yoga practice has helped women decrease their stress levels (though we wouldn’t be surprised if it helped men too). Yoga has a meditative aspect to it which allows you to focus on your breathing. Over time, during difficult situations or stressful times, you’ll likely know how to calm yourself down because you’ve done it many times before. Those who practice yoga regularly tend to have lower heart rates during stressful situations than those who are new to yoga.

It can improve sleep – According to Psychology Today, yoga can help people beat insomnia. The reason why yoga helps put people to sleep so easily is due to the meditative aspect of mindfulness. When you clear your mind in a dark room and focus on your breathing it’s much easier to fall asleep than if you were staring at your phone in bed.  If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night and want to regulate your sleep, yoga can help you obtain a normal sleep schedule.

It allows you to be honest with yourself – Yoga teaches you to be more mindful. As a result, you’re more likely to learn truths about yourself and about life while meditating on it in yoga class. The truth can be terrifying sometimes. However, the ability to self-analyse a situation truthfully can make a huge improvement in your life. While it may be painful at first, the transparency you provide yourself will allow you to grow as a person and become better. You’ll be better able to reach new conclusions and ideas with yoga, it’s definitely worth trying out.

Helps you master focus—We are constantly distracted. A text notification shows up on the phone. Someone is calling our name at home. We have a never ending flood of emails. Our attention is always scattered all over the place. Yoga teaches you how to master focus. There are no phones to distract you in yoga class. You have one job to focus on your breathing. While you’re meditating you focus on your breathing. While doing postures, your focus is on your breathing.  You’ll find you have a clearer mind if you start your day with yoga while being better able

It allows you to grow as a person—Yoga can turn someone weak into someone strong. Mindfulness alone will make you grow as a person by allowing you to challenge everything you’ve ever known. You’ll have the mental clarity that’ll allow you to become more insightful and provocative in your thinking. You’ll exceed mentally boundaries you didn’t know even existed. Your mind will also help you break physical boundaries as well. In the past, you might’ve thought it was impossible for you to master certain postures. However, regular yoga practice allows you to eliminate all of your negative thoughts replacing them with positive ones. As a result, you’ll finally be able to do poses because you told your mind you could.

It challenges you – A life without challenge is boring. Maybe you’ve become complacent in your everyday life. Or maybe you need that stimulation to keep you reaching for higher levels. Yoga will challenge everything you’ve ever known. Physically you’ll always have a new posture you can master. There are hundreds of them. And it takes a long time to perfect each one. Mentally, you’ll learn to escape the confinement of your mind and move into a whole new realm. You’ll be able to challenge everything you’ve ever known. You’ll learn more about life and your purpose within it. You’ll never experience complacency again.

It reminds you to focus on your health – Yoga forces you to focus on your health. It’s not because you need to be healthy to practice yoga. It’s because you spend so much time practicing mindfulness that you naturally become more concerned about how you treat yourself. You realize that you have full control over how you’re responsible over your care. You learn you have the power to nourish your body with healthy meals. You learn you have the capabilities to strengthen your physical body with regular exercise as well.

It allows you to make great choices – Yoga’s mindfulness helps you make great decisions. The ability to focus allows you to make thoughtful decisions rather than impulsive ones. You’ll make better decisions with how you handle your relationships. You’ll be more mindful with how you express yourself and communicate your ideas. You’ll learn to spend more time reflecting rather than speaking without thinking.

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