10 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

While women take over yoga Instagram accounts and studios, men can also greatly benefit from practicing yoga. Yoga blends the mind with the physical body during its practice which men would likely enjoy.  Here are 10 reasons why men should do yoga:

It’s a Full Body Workout – While you can lift weights to target different muscle groups, yoga is a full body workout. There are hundreds of poses you can choose from that can work every muscle in your body. With time, you’ll even be able to lift your entire body weight on the palm of your hand. You’re also less likely to injure yourself during yoga than you are at the gym as you’ll be more mindful about your body’s pain.  It doesn’t matter how many times you lift weights, you’d be more efficient to lift your own body weight if you want to develop lean muscle. Even though you’re more attentive to your breath, yoga can still count as cardio as there’s movement that requires hard work. Holding your body up can be challenging and make you break a sweat.

Yoga Helps Combat Stress – If you have a high-powered or high-stress job, yoga is a great way to help you manage high stress. Yoga provides the best of both worlds when it comes to stress: mental and physical exercise. Yoga is all about mindfulness and focusing on your breath. During high stress times, you’ll be better prepared as you’ll know the breathing techniques that will instantly help you calm down. You’ll also be more likely to have mental clarity when you regularly practice yoga. Physically, yoga will provide you with endorphins during your workout which will make you feel slightly less stressed. By practicing yoga, you release the stress out of your body by physically challenging yourself.

You’ll Increase Your Energy Levels – When you regularly practice yoga, you’ll find that your energy levels will be higher than when you first started. Poses like Bridge Pose, Camel Pose, Cobra Pose and more where you stretch the spine help make you more energetic. While practicing yoga, you’ll do a range of poses which gets the heart pumping making you more awake. Most people sit at their desks all day which can make you feel fatigued. Yoga moves your body in different poses that you normally don’t get into during the work day.

You’ll Become More Flexible – On your first day of yoga class you might be in awe that everyone can touch their toes or maybe you’ll be insecure that you can’t even do that. However, with regular practice, soon you’ll be able to do much more than that. You’ll be able to contort your body in unique ways. The guys hanging around the weights aren’t flexible. They might be able to lift a heavy weight but they can’t move their body in any position. When you practice yoga, you have a way to one up your friends.

It’s a Great Way to Meet People – People always say that the gym is a great place to meet people but that’s mostly only true if you take a fitness class. If you lift weights you likely won’t make many friends as everyone’s listening to their music minding their own business. However, when you take yoga classes, people aren’t listening to music in their ears, their guards are down, and they’re excited to meet new people. You’ll be able to make friends with ease (male or female) and get to know people who share your interest in fitness and yoga. Once people graduate from school, it becomes much harder to make friends. You’re often stuck meeting people in the workplace but you can expand your circle by signing up for yoga.

It’s a Great Rest Day Activity – Yoga is an active resting activity. For those of you who work out 7 days a week, yoga is a great rest day activity you can do when you want to give your body some time to heal without you being sedentary. You can still get a light workout in that’ll work your muscles and your mind without affecting your gym schedule. You can alter poses if you’re in pain from the workout the day or two before.

Improve your Sex Life—Yoga can help improve your sex life in multiple ways. First, your newfound flexibility is sure to be beneficial in the bedroom. Second, certain postures can be used as sex positions. If your partner also does yoga it might be fun to try out together. Third, you’ll increase your libido. Fourth, you’ll be able to hold yourself up longer when you’re on top.

You Can Show Off Your Strength – Many guys lift weights, but few men practice yoga. Since fewer men practice yoga, you can use this to your advantage to show off. If you’re at a party at someone’s house, you’ll easily be able to show off yoga poses you’ve mastered which make you look strong. The average guy can flex his arms but he won’t be able to really show what he’s capable of by doing just that. You’ll likely have people admire your ability to hold certain postures and maybe you’ll even draw some attention from other yoga enthusiasts. It’s the easiest way to stand up to someone without having to get into a fight.

You’ll Be More Focused – Yoga teaches you about mindfulness and meditation. Learning how to be more attentive to your breaths helps you better focus. If you find that your mind is constantly wandering and want to better master control, yoga is a great way to start. Over time, you might find you become more productive at work and develop a better work ethic because you’ve been able to better control your mind.

You’ll Sleep Better at Night – With yoga, you focus on your breaths and it helps relax you. If you focus on the meditation aspect of yoga instead of the physical postures side of it when having a bad sleep, you’ll be better able to sleep at night. If you wake up from a nightmare at 3 a.m. you can focus all of your energy on your breathing patterns. When you practice yoga regularly, you’ll know how to relax yourself naturally without the help of sleeping pills or other products.

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