13 Signs that You’re a Yoga Addict

Lets’s face it: yoga is addicting. It’s no wonder that once you start it’s almost impossible to stop. There are so many postures to learn and master that it seems like there’s always a new challenge to keep it fun and exciting. There’s always a new way to take your workout to the next level which makes this addiction never ending. Here are 13 signs that you’re a yoga addict:

Namaste is your most used word – You know you’re addicted to yoga when you end every conversation with namaste. You’ve gone to yoga class so many times that it became ingrained in your regular conversations. You don’t just say ‘namaste’ to people who do yoga anymore, you say it to everyone. Every now and then you say it to someone you’ve just met and they exclaim ‘I looooveee yoga!’ And suddenly you’ve made a new friend. It started out as a habit but now you do it because you’re trying to find more people who love yoga just as much as you do.

You practice daily—When you first started practicing yoga, you’d go to class once a week. You weren’t very good back then but you were committed to learning focus and improving your flexibility. Over time, your flexibility and strength improved. Once you saw how much progress you were making, those weekly classes turned into daily classes. If there’s a morning and an evening class you might do both. You might even follow along to workouts online or on DVD. You’re always looking for a new posture to master.

You practice in the same spot of class every day – You know you’re an addict when you have a spot in class that’s yours. No matter what day or time the class is you’ll always be found in the same spot. Sometimes you’ll even have one of your peers tell newcomers that they’re in your spot in case you’re still coming in. You’re a class regular, you’ve earned your spot in class.

You wear yoga pants to work— You love yoga but you especially love your comfortable yoga pants. Slowly you’ve been pushing the boundaries with wearing them to work. You started wearing them with a long shirt dress. Then you paired them with fashionable knee high boots. Eventually, you just wore them as pants. Or maybe the dress code of the company didn’t meet your standards so you found a job with a more casual dress code. It’s important to wear yoga pants to work because that way you can practice yoga at anytime of the day with fewer wardrobe changes. Besides your yoga pant collection exceeds your dress pant collection by a landslide.

You’ve started lunchtime yoga at work – You wanted to earn brownie points for taking initiative but you also wanted to bring other people into your greatest passion so you started lunchtime yoga at the office. You started by having everyone follow along to a yoga DVD you love but overtime you decided to lead the sessions yourself. You ended up improving employee morale, lowering coworkers’ stress levels and you even won employee of the month for it. Best part is you get to do yoga even more than you did before.

You recommend yoga for everything – You know you’re a yoga addict when you constantly recommend yoga as a cure to several symptoms. If someone’s experiencing back pain, you know which postures they could do to help alleviate the pain. If someone’s experiencing stress, you teach them meditation and how to focus on their breathing.  If one of your friends is on her period, you tell her that yoga is great for reducing cramps and proudly tell her that you don’t experience cramps anymore.

You start your day with yoga – The first thing you do when you wake up are your sun salutations. You’re not afraid to wake up earlier to do them either. In the off chance you are running late one morning and don’t do it, your whole day messed up. You find that your day has more purpose and runs more smoothly when you practice first thing. It helps get you in the right mindset.

You’ve signed up for every challenge – You practice yoga so often that you figure you might as well do 30 day challenges. It’s not like you need the challenge to motivate you though. You just need the challenge so that you have yet another excuse to practice yoga. You probably do your yoga challenge in addition to your yoga classes rather than the challenge on its own.

You only follow yoga accounts on Instagram – You use Instagram to get your yoga fix when you aren’t able to practice your postures. You follow several yoga accounts (follow Brighter Yoga’s Instagram account if you haven’t already). You study other people’s postures so that you can figure out how to try one you haven’t done before. You also use Instagram to showcase your improvements during your practice of yoga. Your following always tells you that they’ve seen you grow as a yogi so quickly.

You’re mindful of how you treat your body – You know your addicted to yoga when you’ve mastered mindfulness. However, mindfulness isn’t just about focusing on one thing. It’s also about being aware of of everything you do and that includes how you treat your body. You eat food that’s healthy for you. You pay attention to what kind of food you’re putting into your body. You’re not a dieter; you just care about how you treat your body. You’re also mindful about how much you exercise. You might do some cardio or strength training multiple times a week to make your body stronger. You also practice yoga which is a little bit of physical exercise and a little bit of a mental workout. You know how to stay calm during life’s rollercoaster.

You’re flexible – Yoga addicts are some of the most flexible people around. Back in the day, you might’ve struggled to touch your toes. However, with time and regular practice, you’ve been able to blow people away with the type of postures you can do. You’ve proven to people that with regular practice anyone can be as flexible as you.

All your vacations are to yoga retreats—As a yoga addict you love to travel. However, every year, you make an effort to go on at least one yoga retreat. It’s something that you look forward to. In the event that you go on a vacation that isn’t a yoga retreat. You make a point out of having a yoga studio nearby. Or maybe you choose a place with a zen like atmosphere so that you can practice in the great outdoors independently.

You experience yoga withdrawal after one day—A true sign that you’re a yoga addict is that you experience yoga withdrawal after just one day. Sometimes life gets crazy. Maybe you have your sister’s wedding or it’s your son’s birthday, whatever it is, sometimes life events prevent you from practicing.  The one day without yoga makes you notice unusual pains in your body or maybe you feel more anxious than usual. After one day without yoga, you know never to skip it ever again. And so the addiction continues....

Let us know: are you a yoga addict? Do you do any other things that aren’t mentioned on this list that prove your addiction? Leave a comment below!

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