14 Funny Yoga GIFs that Say It All

A lot of people claim to be yoga enthusiasts. However, the level of expertise between an amateur and an expert can vary greatly. Here are 14 funny yoga GIFs that say it all:
We all have that one friend who constantly tries to show off their yoga postures. We have Instagram and we know what people are capable of. Sorry, we can spot your amateur status from a mile away. We all gotta start somewhere, amiright?
When it comes to YouTube videos or Instagram photos anyone can make outdoor yoga look like the most relaxing experience in the world. I’m a northern hemisphere kind of girl. So I’ll pass on the snowga (snow yoga). We’re jealous of all you southern people around the world.
If you thought holding a yoga posture was painful, try doing it while your cat attacks you.
Shout-out to all the dog owners who try to practice while they’re loose around the house. Beware of the lick of death.
Or worse yet, beware of your dog showing you up on a posture you’ve been practicing for months. Your dog makes it look so easy he could be your instructor.
Lambs make great partners for complicated postures.
Beginners, who happen to be in relationships, can try to master this obviously very difficult pose. And once you’ve mastered that you can move onto this:
But you’ll probably start off looking more like this:
You can use yoga to entertain guests during at-home parties.
We can’t forget the men who’ve also mastered yoga. They’re definitely not afraid to try a few tricks.
They’ll often take their yoga to the next level.
But women are also using their yoga ability to try new things. Like by doing chores and yoga at the same time.
Final thoughts: When practicing yoga, you might be safer practicing against a wall.
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