14 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Does Yoga

There’s something spectacular about a woman who does yoga. It’s no surprise that she’s able to capture someone’s heart easily. She’s able to connect with any soul on a deeper level and that’s where love is born. Here are 14 reasons to date a woman who does yoga:

She manages stress well – Even if a woman does yoga because she suffers from anxiety, yoga has helped teach her the skills she needs to manage it well. Let’s face it every person experiences stress at some point or another – it’s human nature. However, when a woman practices yoga on a daily basis, it gives herself an opportunity to clear her mind and focus on her breathing patterns. If you get into an argument, she knows what she needs to do to keep calm. Yoga postures are also very physically demanding which helps her manage stress because she’s exerting physical energy. Often times, when people are stressed they need to physically remove the negative energy outside themselves and yoga helps her do it easily.

She’s adventurous – When dating a woman who does yoga, you’ll have someone who loves to seek adventure. Maybe she practices yoga on cliffs to help take her mind right to the edge. Maybe she practices poses in the water. She might take you hiking to a nice quiet spot so that you can practice your breathing techniques at her favorite spot. Many yoga enthusiasts love to travel and explore new territory so you’ll have a partner you can enjoy life with.

She values herself – A woman who does yoga takes care of her body and mind. By regularly caring for her wellbeing through dedicated yoga she proves to value and respect herself. She knows her worth and no one’s opinion of her will affect her. She has a mental clarity unlike any other woman. She won’t hide her strength because she knows strong women are an inspiration.  Her ability to articulate her value will allow you to recognize that she deserves great respect.

She surrounds herself with positivity – When it comes to friends and family, she’s surrounded by positive people. By being around people who are calm, loving, and happy she becomes an even better woman. She knows that the people she spends the most time with will influence her. She knows that negativity will only bring her down. By being in her circle, you’ll get to experience a level of happiness you didn’t know was possible. She’s the sun you’ve always wanted.

She’s patient – When it comes to dating a woman who does yoga, you’ll be happy to know she’s patient. Here’s a woman who constantly practiced to master postures. She practiced constantly to learn more postures. She knows that success doesn’t happen overnight. She’s learned that if you dedicate time each day you’ll improve over the long term. She has a slow and steady approach. She mastered this through mindfulness and meditation. When it comes to the success of your relationship together, she knows what it takes to make it grow over the long term.

She believes in balance – Balance is an extremely important part of yoga. A woman who does yoga believes in it. She won’t cling onto you because she knows that you both need your own space. She won’t do too much or too little of anything. She’ll ensure that she spends time with you and time for herself. She ensures that she gets regular exercise. She ensures that she works hard but also plays hard. She knows that if she doesn’t ensure balance in her life that life will force the balance out of her but she’d rather be the master of her life.

She goes with the flow – Women who do yoga often go with the flow. That doesn’t mean she’s passive or submissive. It simply means that she doesn’t fall apart when things go wrong or don’t go her way. She knows that sometimes things don’t go as planned and she’ll have to correct course. She’s able to let things go. She’s self-aware and knows that she can’t control everything. She can only make the best of the situation she’s dealt. Whatever life throws her way, she’ll be able to take the appropriate next steps.

She’s independent – Women who do yoga are often independent. Yoga is a solitary activity, even if you’re doing it in a studio with others. No one could help her master postures or ensure that she’s taking the time to breathe mindfully. She has to do it on her own. Her dedication and success in yoga is all her doing. No one can take that away from her.

She’s physically and mentally strong  - Women who do yoga are some of the strongest women you’ll meet. Physically she can hold her body up in different postures which will likely amaze you and people all over the world. Mentally she knows how to stay calm during difficult situations. She has dedicated time to mastering her physical and mental health which has made her the amazing woman she is today.

She knows how to overcome adversity – Most people don’t start yoga without a reason. She likely started practicing yoga because she was dealing with a difficult situation that led her to signing up for her first class. Yoga helped her manage her stress level so well that now it’s second nature. Whatever life throws her way she handles with ease because yoga gave her the tools to manage difficulty with ease.

She’s a deep thinker – Yoga requires mindfulness. A woman who does yoga if often cultured and a deep thinker. You won’t have superficial conversations because she knows what really matters in life. Her ability to clear her mind allows her to think intelligently about issues. She lives life to the fullest and her experiences allow her to realize insights that the average person doesn’t think about.

She’s flexible – Who wouldn’t find a flexible woman alluring? She’s able to do postures that the average person awes. Her body strength and flexibility is worthy of a million likes on Instagram. If she has an account she likely inspires people around the world. With obesity taking over the world due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise, she uses her flexibility as a way to inspire others into healthy living.

She’s present – Women who do yoga often live for the moment. While practicing her breathing patterns, she is forced to be present. She’s not concerned about the past and definitely doesn’t live in it. She doesn’t worry about the future. She is concerned about this current moment. She takes life one moment at a time.

She doesn’t give up easily – Yoga isn’t the kind of thing you can do one time and be great at. It often requires years of dedication. If you asked her to show you a picture of her doing a posture a few years ago and compared it to what she can do today you’d be blown away. She was committed to succeeding and didn’t let her failures get in the way of her success. When it comes to your relationship, she’ll put the same positive energy into making it grow and won’t call it quits easily.

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