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  • Yoga and PTSD: Why I Wish I Started Sooner

    Several years ago, I was raped. Within 12 hours I was at the doctor`s office asking her what I should do. The female doctor told me I should know better than to drink on a date and sent me home. No DNA swabs, no counsellor referral, no support. View Post
  • 10 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

    While women take over yoga Instagram accounts and studios, men can also greatly benefit from practicing yoga. Yoga blends the mind with the physical body during its practice which men would likely enjoy.  Here are 10 reasons why men should do yoga: View Post
  • Yoga for Healing: Why Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga to Their Patients

    Medical Research on the positive impacts of yoga practice on the human body is being carried over years. This research has been prompting Western doctors to prescribe this ancient and scientific practice to their patients to cure several illnesses. View Post