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  • 11 Yoga Bucket List Ideas

    Life is short. Live in the moment. Seek adventure. Challenge yourself. Take a deep breath in and experience life. Use these 11 yoga bucket list ideas as a starting point. Feel free to add your own to the list or swap some out. This is about creating a personalized yoga bucket list for yourself. View Post
  • 8 New Year Resolutions for Yoga Lovers

    It’s officially a new year. We’ve created this list of new year resolutions for yoga lovers so that you can start the new year off right. Last year was great and all but this year can be even better. It’s about taking your life to the next level. It’s about feeling more fulfilled, happy and healthy. View Post
  • 10 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga Right Now

    If you’ve ever met anyone who does yoga, they’ll likely tell you that you should give it a try yourself. They know that once you’ve gone to a few classes you’ll be just as addicted to yoga as they are. If you’re currently wondering whether or not you should start doing yoga, we definitely think you should. In fact, here are 10 reasons to start doing yoga right now: View Post