11 Yoga Bucket List Ideas

Life is short. Live in the moment. Seek adventure. Challenge yourself. Take a deep breath in and experience life. Use these 11 yoga bucket list ideas as a starting point. Feel free to add your own to the list or swap some out. This is about creating a personalized yoga bucket list for yourself.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Try Yoga

For those of you who’ve never tried yoga before, this first one is for you. The first time you try yoga, you’ll be challenged in a way you never have before. Don’t become discouraged by the challenge though it can be pretty inspiring to watch yourself grow more flexible and strong over time. Your first class should be the starting point to a new you. Embrace this change. Take a deep breath and let it sit.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Heli-Yoga in the Rockies

If you crave excitement and adventure this yoga bucket list idea is for you. In this experience, you’ll take a helicopter ride to a mountain top where you’ll oversee Lake Louise and Jasper. In the serene landscape, you’ll be able to view waterfalls and glaciers. You’ll be able to practice your postures on the mountain top where you can touch the sky and be surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes. The Rockies Heli Canada adventure starts at $479 each person for a group of three.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Experience a Yoga Retreat

There’s nothing more therapeutic than getting away to go on a yoga retreat. While there are yoga retreats all over the world. Bali is one of the most popular places that yogis consistently choose as their favorite place to go on a yoga retreat. A yoga retreat can help you overcome a difficult moment in your life such as a divorce or loss of a loved one. You can find your inner peace by surrounding yourself with nature’s outer beauty. If you seek mental clarity a yoga retreat may be just what you need.

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Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Study Yoga in India

There’s no better place to learn about yoga than India. Yoga was founded in India and eventually became an international sensation. By going to India, you’ll learn traditional teachings from yoga gurus. You’ll meet people from all over the world with different ability levels. Some will have mastered poses you’ve never even dreamed of doing while others may be trying it out for the first time. While studying yoga in India, you’ll improve your postures. You may even experience more clarity.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Teach a Yoga Class

Every yoga bucket list should have teach a yoga class. You haven’t mastered yoga until you’re able to teach others to do it. Though you can never fully master every yoga pose, it would probably take multiple lifetimes. However, there’s something powerful about sharing what you’ve learned with others. Even if you’ve only mastered the poses from one type of yoga, it’s worth sharing your knowledge with others. You’ll feel inspired by watching those around you strengthen their bodies, improve their flexibility, overcome obstacles, and clear their minds.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Do a Yoga Pose Under Water

If you’re looking for a challenge that looks great photographed, under water yoga is the place to go. Mastering yoga is hard enough as it is. However, holding your breath long enough to complete a pose under water is whole other level of intensity. Also, make sure you have a photographer document this. It’ll make a stunning photograph that you can forever cherish. It’d also look really great on Instagram (or even our website).

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Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Give Back

Yoga creates a clear mind. With a clear mind, you can easily reflect on your life and its purpose. Giving back to others makes life more meaningful and worthwhile. Sometimes a person will help you during your time of need, maybe you can’t repay them but you can pay it forward by helping someone else. You can donate money to those in need. You can volunteer for causes that are worth fighting for. You can help eliminate poverty by providing the poor the tools they need for success. You can help someone manage anxiety by teaching them breathing techniques. You can offer someone a hug when it’s obvious they haven’t received one in a while. You can teach someone to live in the moment and make their life enjoyable again. The possibilities are endless when it involves sharing your gifts with the world.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Become Vegetarian or Vegan for a Year

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan for a year isn’t meant to be political. It’s about providing your body with key nutrients. Maybe you don’t make an effort to eat your vegetables and need an extreme push to eat cleaner. Maybe you’ll eat vegetarian meals for half the week. This is your yoga bucket list and you can alter it how you’d like. The emphasis of this goal is to eat more mindfully. Be aware of the type of food you’re putting into your body. Does the food you consume truly fuel you? Does it strengthen you? Does it keep you free of illness?

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Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Get All Your Friends to Come for One Class

Whether it’s your birthday, bridal shower or just a girl’s night out, plan at least one day where you get all of your friends out of the house to do yoga together. If you’re on a tight budget, you can invite people over and follow along to a YouTube video you love. The goal is to reconnect with old friends and do something you love. If it’s your birthday or something other festivity, you can use that as sway for the friends who aren’t really big fans of yoga. It’s about creating a new experience within your friendships while spending time with people you rarely see.

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Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Master THE Pose

The Master THE Pose yoga bucket list item is about that one pose you haven’t quite managed to figure out. You might’ve spent the past six months trying to do it but collapse half way through. Or maybe you’ve put it on the highest level and want to master other postures before doing ‘the one.’ Whichever posture it is, make sure you add it to your yoga bucket list. You’ve got all the skills and talent you need to finally make it happen. Practice a little bit each day until you finally get it done right.

Yoga Bucket List Ideas - Practice Yoga at the Beach

Most of us practice yoga indoors in a studio. However, outdoor yoga can be quite transformative. It allows you to be one with nature. It makes taking a deep breath in more enjoyable and fresh. Get that mandala blanket and meditate on the beach, in a park or even a forest.

What do you think of these yoga bucket list ideas? Is there anything that isn’t on this list that should be added? Let us know in the comments below!

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